Dave Oakes Updates Us on Six Months of Challenge and Change!

Posted on 08 Aug 2018

Dave Oakes has now been in post as Powelectrics MD for six months. It has been phase of rapid change, so we asked him how things were going….

“This is a great time to update our valued customers, suppliers and partners on our progress! When I wrote about my ‘vision’ back in April this year, I was in the process of repositioning Powelectrics as a conduit between the world of sensors and the Industrial Internet of Things and a key member of the connected sensor community.

I knew that with 25 years’ experience in sensing and telemetry, proven solutions, broad application experience and relationships in a wide range of sectors, Powelectrics were incredibly well-positioned to develop a ‘connected sensor community’. My objective was to bring together the two worlds of sensor manufacturers and developers of software-based IoT data management solutions.

Powelectrics offer the sensor and instrumentation sector a way to add connectivity, communicating sensor data and enabling Industry 4.0 and IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things). Making information available via web portals and API’s means users no longer need to walk around a plant reading local gauges, digital panel meters or chart recorders and they don't need to physically download data from dataloggers.

It can be expensive to add another signal to a PLC or SCADA system, especially when you consider the cost of cabling, I/O cards, program changes and perhaps licensing too. These can mean that the cost outweighs the benefit. Conversely, adding secondary monitoring into existing processes can provide huge benefits and our technology is perfectly designed for this.

I am delighted to say that this approach has been enthusiastically received. We are enjoying a period of significant growth in terms of revenue. July brought the highest number of new enquiries that Powelectrics have known, so the future is looking pretty good too!

To help build our community, we have embraced social media. For those of you who are already connected to our LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, you will be aware of the enormous range of projects that we have delivered. For those who aren’t, I strongly encourage you to connect for regular news or to look at our news pages.

Since March, we have published around 40 articles. Some of them are introducing our wonderful Powelectrics team and celebrating milestones in their lives. The vast majority are real life applications of connected sensor solutions. Amongst them you will find sensors being connected into several other platforms via MetronView, such as the IBM cloud, or learn more about the first industry 4.0 enabled fuel retail site in Mauritius.

You will also find simpler applications that deliver valuable data via our own highly flexible MetronView cloud for use in management planning and strategy.

There are examples of businesses developing new revenue streams on the back of remote monitoring, such as plant hire businesses, who now monitor fuel tanks on site and supply the fuel themselves.

There are projects where we have partnered with industry specialists to create bespoke, industry specific ‘connected sensor solutions.’

We have completed several projects and are seeing an increasing number of enquiries for Low-power WAN (LPWAN) such as Sigfox and there are stories on our website for these too.

I am extremely grateful to Powelectrics customers, suppliers and partners, who have supported us through the first half of the year. Your loyalty has made it possible to implement the strategic changes that you see bearing fruit today.

Finally, I’d like to say a huge thank you to the fantastic Powelectrics team, whose dedication, flexibility and patience have seen us through this period of extremely rapid change … and also to take the opportunity to welcome the new team members of our installation, technical and development functions.

If you have any queries or applications that you would like to discuss, please give us a call on +44(0) 1827 310 666. We’d love to hear from you!