Dynamic fork light barriers - Detect standstill immediately

Posted on 13 May 2013

Powelectrics now offers the most extensive range of fork sensors and fork light barriers that covers a wide variety of different fork widths and fork depths. The product's sensitivity can be adjusted using a potentiometer or teach key. Some models deliberately dispense with any unnecessary adjustment elements. The collimated transmitter light is available as infrared light, red light or red laser light. This makes it possible to satisfy a wide range of application requirements with great operating safety.

The OGUTD sereis have an integrated special evaluation procedure which ensures the devices retain their high resolution for a long time even if environmental conditions change, e.g. due to the accumulation of dirt. Since the devices will only detect rapid changes along the optical axis, slow changes caused by dirt build-up will not trigger an output signal. This allows them to, for instance, reliably detect the movement of a filament inside a plexiglass tube even if the wall thickness of the tube varies.

A highly effective auto teach procedure allows for perfect adaption to the application at hand as a simple push of a button is all it takes to set the operating mode from high resolution to insensitivity to dirt - depending on the receiver's degree of damping.

A disruption of the light beam generates a brief switching pulse whose duration can be set between 5 ms and 150 ms (1s) using a potentiometer. This makes it possible to extend brief pulses generated by small, fast moving objects to the necessary length. The 1 second setting is reached at the limit stop of the potentiometer. If the light beam is disrupted again within the set time frame, the output is virtually fed with a permanent signal. If the light beam remains on an object or inside the gap, the signal will not be dropped until the set time has elapsed. This makes it possible to quickly determine whether an object is moving or standing still without the need to employ an additional evaluation logic unit. The teach key is used to perform the inversion of the output signal.

Typical applications for the dynamic fork light barrier OGUTID include:
•    Detection of oscillating filaments for the purpose of monitoring filament ruptures
•    Injection monitoring for lubricants, spray mist
•    Detection of small parts in material that is fed through tubes
•    Ejection control at punching machines
•    Standstill control in feeding units

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