EGE Release An Enhanced-Sensitivity Amplifier for Industrial Metal Detectors

Posted on 09 Jan 2020

Powelectrics are UK distributor for EGE high quality flow controllers, infrared, opto and ultrasonic sensors, capacitive proximity switches, light barriers and inductive proximity switches.

EGE has developed a new compact, rugged MDVH amplifier with enhanced sensitivity for its System 3000 industrial metal detector.

The completely redesigned amplifier is characterized by higher adjustable sensitivity levels, reduced susceptibility to interference, and a more robust housing with IP67 ingress protection.

Featuring automatic self-calibration, the unit works reliably even if the detector coil comes near metal fittings.

Users can adjust the sensitivity of the detector coil as required via a rotary potentiometer on the housing front.

The amplifier has a 260 x 160 x 90 mm wide aluminum housing. It is designed for an extended temperature range of -25 °C to +70 °C.

EGE's System 3000 is used in conveyor lines for noncontact detection of metal parts that could damage downstream machines or degrade the quality of bulk solids.

Thanks to its rugged design, it is suited for outdoor use in harsh and dirty environments. The size of detected parts varies for different models.

The MDVH unit is optimized for medium-sized parts such as nails, nuts, wire, or silverware. MDV series devices are designed to protect machinery by identifying larger metal parts such as excavation bucket teeth or parts of tools and enclosures.

The EGE ranges covers sensors that can withstand extremes of temperature (-230 to +250) and pressure as well as devices for ATEX environments. There is also an excellent range incorporating IOLink. More info here.

Sensors are available in a wide range of materials to suit corrosive and other extreme applications. These include hastelloy, tantalum and Teflon/PTFE.

EGE are willing to adapt products to specific applications without a commitment to large volumes and often on a one-off basis.

Powelectrics offer 25 years’ sensor experience & supply sensors from over 100 reputable manufacturers, plus IoT ‘connected sensor’ solutions - our own award winning telemetry hardware & IIoT cloud, so your sensor data can bring you knowledge.

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