Fibre optic amplifier

Posted on 01 Jun 2005
The long sensing distance with diffuse fibres can be set manually or by a remote IO-Link teach-in facility with additional fine adjustment over a sensing range of 20 to 200mm. The Contrinex amplifier can be adjusted in 1mm steps to precisely set the operating distance. The signal strength and threshold are digitally indicated on the LCD when adjusting. Depending on the background, the detection of some products, can be hard to set-up correctly. These new digital amplifiers have a two stage static teach function which distinguishes the target from the surroundings and ensures the correct adjustment for reliable detection. In addition, there is a smart dynamic teach function that lets you pass the target in front of the fibre tip a few times before it automatically calculates the average differential to ensure target detection. The new amplifiers also have a high switching frequency of 4kHz which will help customers to capture tiny or high speed targets. The Contrinex amplifiers also feature adjustable out­put switching delay, pulse stretching, both up to 500ms plus Dark On or Light On selectable output mode .
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