Flow controllers

Posted on 05 Jun 2005
The compact IP 65 sensors are designed for media temperatures from -10...90 °C and can also be used to monitor cooling systems containing water-glycol mixtures. The glycol concentration can be set by 5 % increments between 0 and 30 % directly at the device. The new flow sensors operate according to the thermodynamic principle and have no moving parts, instead, they are fitted directly into pipes via pipe fittings. They are available for diameters of 10, 15 and 18 mm with respective flow rates of 1...10, 2...20 and 4...40 l/min. Within those limits, two switching points may be programmed as NC and NO contacts. Hysteresis and time delay can also be set to match the application. In addiation to the flow rate, the temperature can be monitored as well: a switch output signals if the preset temperature is exceeded. Sensors with a switching point and an additional linear 4...20 mA current output are available for control purposes and logging.
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