Flow sensors - Plug-in, align, tighten

Posted on 08 Nov 2016

The compact SCS 440 flow sensor from EGE is designed for plug-in installation
 and free orientation. Just like the proven SC 440 model, the sensor monitors the speed of liquid media up to 300 cm/s. During installation with a G¼ or G½ screw-in adapter, the plug connector and the LED display can be freely oriented. The adapter is screwed into a T-piece or a welding sleeve. After that, the sensor is secured in the adapter using a union nut. The connection is reliably sealed up to 100 bar. Various screw-in adapter designs which are optionally available allow for universal use of the flow sensor. The instruments are designed for ambient and media temperatures between -20 and +80 °C. They feature one switching output. The switching point can be quickly and intuitively set with a potentiometer. The sensor’s sturdy stainless steel enclosure ensures grade IP67 ingress protection.

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Thermal Flow Sensors

Thermal Flow Sensors use the calorimetric principle and are suited to a wide range of flow monitoring applications. They are easy to install and independent of temperature and pressure. These thermodynamic flow controllers don't have any moving parts, which means they are robust and resistant to soiling. Controllers for fluids such as water, glycol mixtures or chemicals are avaible, as are sensors for gases such as air and carbon dioxide.

Intrinsically safe sensors based on ATEX for explosive and hazardous areas are also available. Additional variations consist of high temperature sensors up to 160 °C, special sensors made from such materials as Hastelloy, Monel, titanium and tantalum with high resistance to chemicals, and programmable flow sensors with digital displays. The flow controllers are either screwed into the side of the pipe or added to the line itself in the form of inline sensors.

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