Get After Sales Technical Support from Handy Andy

Posted on 07 Mar 2018

Powelectrics are here to help you when our telemetry solutions are being deployed or are already installed, offering remote technical support to customers, many of whom particularly value the friendly assistance offered by Andy Perkins, Support Technician.

At Powelectrics, we are fully committed to after sales technical support. Our telemetry solutions are designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Our Metron telemetry ‘works out of the box’. Devices are delivered ready to install with simple instructions and no programming experience is needed. Units are easily tested on site using the interactive display.

Andy is available to help customers in several ways. He can configure Metron telemetry devices to customer requirements prior to dispatch or configure remotely via our MetronView data collection and viewing platform. Configuration is especially important in tank telemetry, where tanks may have irregular shapes, meaning level calculations are more complex. Powelectrics keep a library of common tank configurations and we can do the calculations for you, even for the most unusual tank shapes and sizes, ensuring that your data is accurate.

Andy can set up users with the relevant access permissions on MetronView and set up alerts to multiple key personnel to advise them immediately when user-defined parameters are breached.

For our customers who prefer to commission their own kit, he can talk you through the processes whilst you are on site. Behind the scenes, he is one of the team who can customise MetronView with customers own logos, branding and bespoke dashboards.

Andy has been part of Powelectrics Technical Support Team since 2011 and he has come across most technical situations, so don’t be scared to test him!!! When he is not enabling connected sensor solutions, he is also a dab hand with a foil when fencing and he enjoys tinkering with old cars and bikes.

Andy and the rest of the team are here to help, so please call or email if you have a query or need to tweak your telemetry so that it delivers what you need.

01827 310 666