Graphical display is a winner on new telemetry unit

Posted on 20 Nov 2009



According to Powelectrics Sales Director David Oakes, the achievements in the design of the Metron2 were two fold. “Traditionally, industrial products requiring installation have a poor level of user feedback, which means that the installer is working almost blind. The LCD graphical display on the Metron2 makes the commissioning process clear and simple, using a logical menu system. The display also offers local access to measurements if required.” he said. “At the same time, Metron2 is designed to compete at the price sensitive end of the GSM/GPRS telemetry market. It proves that a compact, reliable and functional telemetry system offering a great user experience can now be realised at low cost.” Powelectrics consulted extensively with users at all levels at the final design of the menu system and the layout of information on the display, a point which particularly impressed the BEEA judges.

Glenn Jarrett, Head of Marketing, Electronics from RS Components, congratulated Oliver Start on his success in the awards saying, “The user interface and other features conceived by Oliver and developed by him to a tight budget gave Powelectrics a significant advantage. Achieving a design of this quality within just a few years of graduation and joining the company is an exceptional achievement.”

Powelectrics made extensive use of the RS Components next day delivery service during the prototyping phase of the Metron2 project. According to Dave Oakes, “Like all designers, we explore many alternative options before specifying the display and other key components. Slow arrival of samples can be a huge frustration – and can add considerably to the time to market over the life of a project. With RS Components, we can be absolutely sure that anything we order from stock will be with us the next day.”

Metron2 is a low cost single box telemetry transmitter that Metron2 - the award winnig telemetry solutioncan accept inputs from up to four sensors and transmit them using GSM phone networks. It is a quad band enabled design, supporting SMS and GPRS data transmission, and offers GPS as well as data logging memory. The most obvious feature, however, is the large LCD display, which is fitted in the lid of the IP67 sealed enclosure for instant viewability.