Happy 21st Birthday Florence!

Posted on 09 Apr 2018

Congratulations to our lovely Florence, who will be celebrating her 21st birthday on Friday this week!

Florence is the lady most likely to answer your call when you ring Powelectrics. Indeed, her mega-high-energy greeting will brighten your whole day!

As our super-efficient Office Administrator, Florence can help you with all manner of enquiries.  She is your first point of contact for price & delivery enquiries, order receipt and processing, working with our suppliers to meet your needs, keeping you abreast of developments with your orders and handling any procedural after-sales activities. She can also point you in the right direction if you would like assistance with a sensor or telemetry application and get one of our m2m specialists to contact you.

Her organisational skills have not gone unnoticed outside the office either! This year, she is ‘Mistress of Ceremonies’ for her sister’s hen party and will be making her Mum and Dad’s 25th wedding anniversary a very special event too.

When she is not planning for festivities, Florence loves cooking and baking…. A very handy benefit in a colleague! As you can see … she also loves cuddling cute puppies!

Happy Birthday Florence!!

If you need a quote, an update on your order … or to wish her happy birthday,

please give her a call on +44 (0) 1827 310 666.