Happy Birthday Powelectrics Weather Station!

Posted on 29 May 2018

Happy 6th birthday to our Powelectrics weather station!!! This solar-powered Metron2 m2m telemetry device has sent data to our MetronView data collection and viewing platform every 10 minutes for 6 years.

We use it to demonstate our Metron View platform. You can see the data on sunlight (lux), outside temperature, battery voltage, signal strength & PCB temperature by logging on to www.metronview.com

User Name: Demo

Password: Demo123!


Powelectrics telemetry is used in a wide range of Industry 4.0 monitoring applications. ‘Internet of Things’ devices are compatible with thousands of sensors offering a 4-20mA output.


  • Remote condition monitoring of essential assets.
  • Tank level monitoring- any height/shape of tank- gas, liquids, powders, granules.
  • Remote meter reading.
  • Data plans include multi network SIM cards, data hosting with user-friendly, customisable online viewing & email alarms.
  • Stand-alone MetronView platform or API for simple integration to other software
  • Robust and Proven- Tens of thousands of devices in the field globally.
  • Devices remotely configurable via MetronView, tested on site using Metron2 integral display. Devices can also be set-up/reconfigured locally using a simple wizard. No programming skills are needed.
  • Different power options including mains, solar & battery.
  • GSM, radio and Sigfox telemetry


MetronView is Powelectrics cloud-based datalogger with customisable dashboards and bespoke reporting. Data and alerts can be easily viewed on a computer, tablet or phone. Metron View currently processes 2.5 million sensor readings/day and supports over 140 protocols including MODBUS, MQTT, HTTP, TCP, UDP, SERIAL, SIGFOX, SNMP and many more. It has an API for simple integration to other software.


Please call us to discuss your application on +44 1827 310 666