High temperature proximity sensor

Posted on 15 Aug 2008
Failures in high temperature processes are particularly expensive and time consuming because long delays in restarting often occur as systems are required to cool before failed sensors can be replaced.  This invariably results in the scrapping of valuable in-process product. Based on proven technology, this new rugged inductive range is available in all standard sensor sizes from M8 up to M50 in both embeddable and non-embeddable formats.  The range provides excellent long-term reliability even under difficult operating conditions and the compact, robust construction and stainless steel housings provide protection to IP67. Depending on the device diameter, the operating distance is from 2mm to 25mm in a range of models capable of withstanding operating temperatures from -25°C up to 230°C.   For all formats specified up to 180°C the amplifier is included within the sensor housing whereas the 230°C rated models have a separate in-line amplifier that is mounted on a Teflon cable three metres from the sensing head to remove it from the hot area. All versions include built-in short circuit, reverse connection and voltage overload protection and are available as ‘normally open’ configuration for all sizes and temperature options in NPN and PNP and operate over a wide supply voltage from 10V to 30VDC and can switch a current of 150mA.
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