Introducing Lettie - Cable Cutter, Calibrator and Powelectrics Quality Queen!

Posted on 25 Oct 2018

Many of our customers are in regular contact with the Powelectrics Sales Team, Office Team and Tech Support. What about the backstage crew??  Most people never meet the Production Team … the unsung heroes who snip and clip, inspect and assemble.

Please allow us to introduce Lettie Woodward, who has been the keystone of our Production Team for the last 14 years! Lettie is responsible for our Metron2 telemetry device final assembly and calibration … firmware updates … configuring and testing.

Her broad range of practical skills extend to assembling panels and solar-powered systems, identifying faults and maintaining healthy stock levels and the general order in the workshop! The exceptional quality of Powelectrics technical assemblies are largely due to her care and attention.

Lettie is an avid reader and a keen animal lover. She even saw the funny side of a chimp flinging its faeces at her on a visit to Drayton Manor Zoo!!!!  When she is not busy soldering solutions and testing telemetry, she loves to spend time with her two gorgeous dogs, Daisy and new puppy, Jasmine.

So whilst you may not meet Lettie … unless you happen to be visiting … she is an integral part of our Powelectrics Team and many of our IoT solutions, looking after our customers by ensuring the consistently high quality of our devices and assemblies.