Kerosene Tank Level Monitoring with Local Display

Posted on 03 Mar 2016

We have just fitted some level sensors, a telemetry unit and displays to a couple of 200,000 litre kerosene tanks. The application needed ATEX approved sensors and barriers. At the heart of the system is the Metron2 which is sending the data to our web based portal allowing the client to securely view the level readings via the internet. The results are great with a fantastic local display, accurate readings and internet connected level sensors.

The data is incredibly stable and is a good example of how we can provide affordable yet reliable tank level readings. Over a 48 hour period the readings have only fluctuated by 321 litres out of the 200,000 capacity, so 0.16%. The sensor and the telemetry each have an accuracy of 0.5%  - this is not to be confused with the stability.


Bulk Liquid & Gas Distribution

If you distribute liquids or gases in bulk, Powelectrics remote tank level monitoring systems are proven to reduce logistics and admin costs, and help win & retain business by improving customer service. Our remote tank level monitoring solutions for bulk liquid and gas distribution are easy to install & maintain, they are affordable and they will interface into your existing business tools.

Telemetry devices are quicky and easily installed on your customers tanks. Readings are sent wirelessly and data is delivered for use by your sales and route planning teams. We can connect your level sensors to the internet so you can view the data securely through a simple web browser, bringing you the industrial internet of things at the click of a mouse.

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