Laser distance sensor

Posted on 08 Jan 2006
Laser distance sensorThis technology is based on the measurement of elapsed time between the sending and receiving of laser impulses. It basically measures how long it takes for short pulses of laser light to travel to the target and back again. By using this technique, surface reflection and colour have virtually no influence. The unit can precisely measure distances from 300 to 4000 mm. Programming of the sensor can either be carried out by using three push buttons on the unit, or from a PC via the serial interface. The unit has a built-in digital display to show distance. The analogue 4-20 mA output can be scaled to operate over any part of the range and in addition, two digital outputs can be programmed. These can be either PNP or NPN. A high quality aluminium housing and glass optics finish off a very robust and industrial unit. The sensor can function in a temperature range of –10° to +50° C.
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