Low cost photoelectric sensors

Posted on 22 Feb 2010
The DC devices have a high 1 KHz switched output frequency and can be supplied in either NPN or PNP arrangement plus AC/DC versions are available with 50Hz response and relay output.  All have the option of a two-metre cable or S8 four-pin plug configuration.

The lens material is PMMA plastic making the sensors suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

A diagnostic or 'excess' function can be selected with some sensor types which monitors the visible red light detected.  This provides a switched output if the light level falls below a safe threshold thus alerting users to dirt build-up or any misalignment occuring while in service.  It also simplifies adjustment and set-up during installation

The new Contrinex 'Series 5050' photoelectric sensors have wide supply ranges with DC types 10-36VDC and AC/DC models 20-250VAC/20-300VDC.  All are protected from short-circuit, voltage reversal and supply transient spikes to ensure long and reliable operation in harsh environments.

The high specification and highly competitive price makes these Swiss-quality sensors an extremely effective solution for many types of automation applications
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