LPG Tank Monitoring

Posted on 12 Feb 2008
The benefits of remotely montoring the level in LPG storage tanks include reduced logistics costs, improved customer service leading to improved customer retention and fewer panic deliveries. The systems we have provided have proven a payback on the investment within 3 months of installation. One important feature is battery life. We have a 5 year battery life with 1 transmission every day. The quickest payback is on industrial applications where the tank level can drop suddenly, so daily transmissions make for a much better system. We use advanced electronics to get power form the battery, making it very safe and also giving the best signal strength possible. We can communicate by GPRS giving the lowest possible operating costs – most others use SMS (text messaging), whilst remaining very safe. The Metron ATEX carries suitable approvals and Powelectrics are externally audited to ensure quality and approvals are continually met. The unit can monitor up to 6 tanks – in many commercial installations there are several tanks together. They all change in level at different rates as the pressures are not balanced so all the tanks need to be monitored.  The integral LED’s and pushbutons allow the user to quickly test the device – we can install and fully test a single tank site in less than 10 minutes.
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