LPG Tank Monitoring

Posted on 17 Jan 2009

The benefits of remotely monitoring tanks are well understood, and with the METRON ATEX from Powelectrics the process is now both affordable and reliable. The design utilises the latest manufacturing techniques and hardware making it a very competitively priced reliable and safe solution. Advanced electronic circuitry provides class leading battery life coupled with low temperature operation and low cost communications.

Installation is quick and easy, with no intrusion to the customer’s property. The multi channel unit can monitor up to 6 tanks which helps keep costs down on commercial installations where multiple tanks are commonplace. It is important that the data is used properly. Powelectrics will work with you to ensure the platform suits your needs. Clean and easy to understand interfaces lead to minimal training requirements so the data can provides benefits pretty much instantly.

The data can interface into your ERP solutions, giving you meaningful and useful information where and when you need it.  Whether customers are on a top up regime or whether they order as required, telemetry provides benefits. A 15% reduction in the average replenishment level leads to a 15% increase in the average drop size which in turn gives a 27% reduction in the number of deliveries. The savings are easily achieved, and as customers gain confidence in the solution the average replenishment levels can be brought down even further and greater savings can be made. A return on investment in telemetry projects in less than 3 months has been achieved.


tank level readings before and after telemetry 


Above, some tank readings are shown both before and after telemetry starts to get used. The average replenishment before telemetry was fitted was at 62%, afterwards this fell to 23%. Before telemetry was fitted the tank was getting filled every 4 days, afterwards it was every 10 days.

One important feature is battery performance. The Powelectrics METRON ATEX has a 5 year battery life with 1 transmission every day. The quickest payback is on industrial applications where predicting the consumption is difficult, so daily transmissions make for a much better solution.  The Powelectrics METRON ATEX carries all the relevant approvals. The device has been tested and approved to cover ATEX, and the manufacturing process is also approved and audited. The WEEE regulations relating to batteries was changed in October 2009 – the Powelectrics METRON ATEX is fully compliant. The design has been completed to ensure the device complies with FCC, PTCRB and UL approval and over the coming months Powelectrics will have a device which can be used in North America.

Powelectrics have been trading since 1983 and have a lot of experience on the field of sensing and telemetry, producing over 23,000 telemetry devices. Having shipped to 5 continents they know how to make products that are useable and reliable. By listening to customers and giving them what they need, as well as working themselves in the field then products that suit the application are the result. A good practical understanding linked to high quality electronics design and manufacture, have made for a class leading solution. Well trained staff, audited manufacturing processes and rigorous test procedures limit hardware and configuration issues.

The person on site is the person that matters and the METRON ATEX makes that persons life as easy as possible. To find out how remotely monitoring the level in your customer tank can help you save money and retain your customers then please contact us on +44 (0) 1827 310666 or email sales@powelectrics.co.uk

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