MCERTS Telemetry

Posted on 18 Aug 2009

The monitoring points are often in remote locations where running signal and power cables can make installation difficult and costly. Wirefree telemetry solutions from Powelectrics can make installation quick and easy, as well as very cost effective.

Telemetry can interface to flow sensors (including open channel flowmeters and magnetic flowmeters), level sensors (including ultrasonic level sensors, radar level sensors and hydrostatic level sensors). The signals can be recorded and then transmitted wirelessly using either radio telemetry or GSM telemetry. Data can be presented using a computer (via SCADA), interfaced to a PLC / HMI or relayed back to a server where you can view the data over the internet.

GSM Telemetry products such as the Metron2 from Powelectrics are ideal. They can provide power to the sensors, log the readings with a time & date stamp and then wirelessly transmit the data so you can easily view the information over the internet. Alarms can be sent by email or text message.

Powelectrics are able to offer complete solutions, including the sensors for level and flowradio telemetry & gsm telemetry systems and SCADA solutions, including web based data acquisition packages.

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