Microwave level sensors - when space is limited

Posted on 14 Nov 2016
The MFP microwave level sensors safely & precisely detect fill levels of a wide range of products such as cereals or soy flour. Based on the guided pulse radar principle, they operate reliably regardless of foaming, medium density, temperature and pressure. Available with a single probe, parallel probes or a coaxial probe, the systems can be optimally adapted to the requirements of liquid and solid media.
In addition to excellent vibration resistance, MFP sensors with a coaxial probe provide reliable, exact measurements of liquids in very narrow containers where users cannot implement a minimum distance to the container wall. They are available with two PNP switching outputs or with an analog 4…20 mA current output. By means of a ¾” thread, the sensors are fitted into containers from above. The maximum standard sensor length is 80 cm. On requestwe can supply special lengths. The sensor housing, which is rotatable by 360°, includes an LC display with a control panel for easy sensor adjustment. Additionally, a model without a display is available for cost-sensitive applications.
Thanks to their measuring principle, the sensors do not have any moving parts: inside the probe, a radar pulse is emitted and reflected upon contact with the medium surface. The resulting "echo" is analyzed to measure the fill level. This provides excellent reliability and a ±5 mm measuring accuracy for all media. Suitable for applications with limited installation space, the IP67 sensors are designed for media temperatures between 0 and +80 °C.

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