New range of affordable level sensors

Posted on 14 Apr 2014

The SPS series of affordable level sensors suit a wide range of applications and offer simple installation and long term stability.
Available in a variety of measurement ranges these sensors have a sturdy stainless steel body and use the well proven hydrostatic method of level measurement offering excellent accuracy at a very reasonable price.

These sensors work really well with our Metron2 device to provide you with a great way of reading the level in oyur tank both locally and remotely.

Affordable Hydrostatic Level Sensors: SPS Series

The SPS series of Affordable Level Sensors suit a wide range of applications and offer simple installation and long term stability

As well as the basic units we have versions that combine temperature and level sensors, others with PTFE cable and 316 stainless steel to suit some more agggressive applications, ATEX approved level sensors and sensors for harsh environments.

Applications include tank level monitoring (for fuels, chemicals, animal feed, fertiliser and more), river level monitoring, reservoir level monitoring andborehole level monitoring.

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The Metron2 as a remote level gauge

The Metron2 has been superceded and is no longer available. Powelectrics now recommend using the Metron4. Metron4 does everything that Metron2 did and offers several advantages, which are described here.

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