Oil Skimming for Cost Trimming and Environment Winning!

Posted on 01 Mar 2019

Powelectrics have delivered several Industry 4.0 solutions for a major supplier of oil industry and environmental services aimed at protecting critical infrastructure and making businesses more resilient to unexpected events. Our IoT projects have involved connecting a variety of sensors to the cloud, to enable critical data and alarms to be seen by the right personnel and timely action to be taken.

Several connected sensor solutions have been installed at electricity sub-stations. Transformers are used to lower transmission voltages and our customer services and maintains transformer bunds for the National Grid. Rainwater collects in the bunds and may mix with oil from the transformers. This oil floats on top of the water and is removed with oil skimmers for collection in IBCs.

The m2m solution involves installing a level sensor in the IBC, connected to our Metron2 telemetry device. The level in the tank is reported to Powelectrics MetronView cloud daily. When a user-defined high level is reached, email alerts are sent out to ensure a timely collection.

The solution ensures that virtually water-free oil is collected in the IBCs. This reduces the cost of collection and processing for our customer. The regular and reliable level data and automatic alerts ensure that IBCs need never overfill. The system also lowers the contingent liabilities of wastewater discharge. In this way both costs and environmental risk are reduced.

For this Industry 4.0 project, Powelectrics SPS hydrostatic level sensors were used at all sites. The SPS range offers simple installation, proven reliability and great value. They are widely used for fuels, water, waste, lubricants, chemicals and foodstuffs. The range includes versions that combine temperature and level sensors, PTFE cable and 316 stainless steel to suit aggressive applications, ATEX versions and those with hygienic fittings for food and beverage applications

Battery-powered Metron2 hardware avoided the need for external power and typically offers 4 years battery life, when reporting daily. Externally and solar-powered units are also available. All Metron2 devices can be remotely configured, set-up prior to dispatch or simply configured on site using the integral display. No IT programming skills are needed.

MetronView, Powelectrics ‘middleware’ is a cloud-based datalogger with customisable dashboards and bespoke reporting. MetronView processes 2.5 million readings/day and supports over 140 protocols including MODBUS, MQTT, HTTP, TCP, UDP, SERIAL, SIGFOX, SNMP. We have extensive experience of integrating third party hardware.

MetronView has a standard API allowing data to be collected by other platforms. This can be done by customers or Powelectrics can create application-specific portals for you. Examples include: tank management, energy metering, vending machines, train condition monitoring and waste compactors.

Powelectrics act as a connection between the world of sensors and the Internet of Things operating at the centre of the ‘connected sensor’ community. We offer 25 years’ experience in the world of sensors as well as our own award-winning telemetry devices, a standalone data platform, ability to connect with other software and a wealth of experience integrating third party devices.

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