Powelectric IoT Kit Helps Premier Tanks Keep Dublin’s City Fair

Posted on 19 Oct 2020

Premier Energy Storage offer 25 years’ experience in tailored fuel systems and energy storage solutions, supplying tanks, Pumpsets, tank level gauges for a range of applications and offering preventative maintenance, fuel polishing and vehicle management services. More here.

Premier were recommended to Powelectrics via industry contacts, when their customers needed a more reliable remote tank level monitoring and alarming solution.

For their initial Adblue customers, the fact that a single Metron IoT device can monitor multiple tanks was also a great bonus, significantly reducing costs to the customer. Enquiries extended to customers monitoring tanks holding bitumen, natural oils, fuels and biofuels in conjunction with a range of level sensing technologies.

The Covanta Dublin Waste to Energy Facility converts waste that cannot be reused or recycled into clean energy and usable products. It diverts at least 600,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste from landfill annually, which can be used to generate electricity to heat homes.

One of the by-products of the incineration process is an ash that is sent elsewhere for recovery. Premier’s customer is the waste management contractor responsible for emptying two huge ash silos. If the silos become full, the incineration process is forced to stop. This impacts heavily on productivity and increases operational costs.

Jonathan Heasley, MD of Premier Energy Storage, told us “As an installer of level devices and fuelling solutions for over 25 years I can happily say that dealing with and setting up the instrumentation provided by Powelectrics has been a breeze. The equipment worked first time with no issues. The fact that the customer is getting hourly updates is imperative and it has already helped our client manage their bagging activities in a more productive manner.”

For this project, an externally-powered Metron4 telemetry device was used. The silos have load cells measuring their weight and control panels with a local display, fed by a 4-20mA signal. Signal splitters feed the weight data into the Metron4. The readings are sent hourly, via the mobile phone network, to Powelectrics’ MetronView cloud, with high level alarms set up to alert the waste management company when the high level is reached, so collection can be arranged. There is also an alert if the unit has not reported, which could indicate a fault with the IIoT set up or the local cellular network.

The m2m unit was configured and end-to-end tested, prior to dispatch and our technical support team were available to assist during installation.

In this case external power was available, but Metron4 can also be battery and solar powered for use in remote and rural locations. Metron m2m devices can measure up to four tanks and represent particularly good value where multiple tanks are located close together. Metron4 telemetry hardware supports 2G & 4G for global deployment. More on Metron4.

Powelectrics offer 30 years’ experience in sensing and remote monitoring. Our ’connected sensor’ solutions are employed in many industries including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, Adblue, fuels, oils, LPG, lubricants, food and beverage, waste & recycling, landfill & leachate, agriculture, utilities, pumping and environment, rail and security.

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