Powelectrics April Fool Fun Quiz!

Posted on 29 Mar 2019


So …. its April 1st ….. but we know Powelectrics customers are no fools! We asked our followers on LinkedIn to participate in a little quiz: 

Which of the following has NOT been part of a Powelectrics ‘connected sensor’ solution?

A          Vibration on airport luggage x-ray machines

B          The temperature of pheasants

C          Water levels in fields of solar panels

D          The volume of rainfall in Manchester

E          CO2 levels in people’s bedrooms

The answer is D!

Powelectrics IoT has not been used to measure the mythically massive amount of rain that falls on Manchester, our MD’s city of origin!

However, our telemetry has been used in weather stations on the top of Snowden and in many other locations including Powelectrics offices, where we use it as a MetronView platform demo.

Our m2m solutions have been involved in several vibration monitoring projects, usually connected to condition monitoring, to give early warning of kit operating out of spec. Monitoring temperature, humidity and vibration can give an early indication can give an early warning of maintenance needs. Setting up alarms for when these fall outside an acceptable range means maintenance can be scheduled in time to prevent breakdowns along with the lost production and expense usually created.

Powelectrics connected sensor solutions have been used to monitor temperature in a variety of environments- from monitoring poultry sheds and indoor crop growing, to temporary ice rinks, server rooms and cell phone towers.

…and yes, we have even delivered projects to monitor CO2 in super-efficient new housing developments, where we also monitored temperature, humidity and energy usage. These all contributed to demonstrating that heating and ventilation systems were delivering the expected environmental and cost benefits.

As you can see from the options, our connected sensor solutions are exceptionally flexible. Our own award-winning Metron2 telemetry devices are compatible with thousands of sensor types, including level, pressure, flow, temperature, vibration, PH, wind speed and direction, humidity and many more.

Metron2 telemetry devices can be supplied for use with external power, integral battery and solar power, so they can even be used in remote, rural and temporary applications.

Our Industry 4.0 solutions are found in a growing range of industries, including food, beverage, chemical, fuel, oils, additives, adblue, pharmaceuticals, paper, packaging, utilities, agriculture, waste, recycling, transport, rail and security.

Please get in touch to chat through any applications you may have:

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