Powelectrics Are Selected To Collaborate With Keele University On Their Ambitious Smart Energy Network Demonstrator

Posted on 24 May 2019

Powelectrics prides itself on ‘enabling the internet of things’. Positioned at the centre of a ‘connected sensor’ community, we are continuously developing new Industry 4.0 solutions, to deliver results to our broad, global customer base.

We are delighted to be have been invited to participate in Keele University’s ground-breaking SEND programme. SEND stands for Smart Energy Network Demonstrator. This immense project is a European first … a world-class demonstrator facility for smart energy research and development in a life-size laboratory!

Keele is working collaboratively with partner companies to develop and assess a wide range of innovative technologies, aimed at reducing energy usage and cost ... and saving around 4,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year!

Over five years, Keele University campus will effectively become an ‘at scale living laboratory’ The campus is an ideal test site. It is the size of a small town and with the same diverse range of activities and facilities. The 600 acre site has 341 buildings, 3100 students in halls of residence, 1000 commercial users on the Science and Innovation Park, 200 ‘standard’ domestic households and academic activities serving 10,000 students.

This ambitious European first will involve building a solar and wind farm and employing the latest SCADA Spectrum Power 5 (SP5) and energy management technologies (DEMS Decentralised Energy Management System) to be delivered by Siemens.

Although the project is still in its early stages, innovations already in development include using electric cars to supply peaks in energy demand and intelligent rationing of energy, based on need and usage. It is envisaged that the outputs of this programme will inform the design of SMART towns and cities across the globe.

As such, Powelectrics are delighted to have offered an R&D project to one of Keele’s specialised PhD students. We are confident that this combination of academic prowess and our own 25 years of commercial experience developing 'connected sensor' solutions will allow us to remain at the forefront of IoT design and  incorporate AI into future solutions.

Powelectrics strive to anticipate our customers’ future needs. Not only do we have several technological developments to launch this Summer, but we believe this collaboration will deliver the technology needed to deliver high quality, affordable, reliable and responsive Industry 4.0 solutions in the medium and longer term.

We will be publishing more information about new solutions as they are launched. Click here for more information on the Keele University Smart Energy Network Demonstrator

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