Powelectrics Collaborate with Angel Trains and Rubirail to Deliver Award Winning Remote Fuel Level Monitoring and Help Keep Virgin Trains On Track

Posted on 07 Jun 2018

Powelectrics have been designing remote monitoring solutions for the rail industry for several years. Approved and proven projects include monitoring fuel, lubricant and coolant levels, bearing and rail temperatures, battery chargers and water dosing.

For this project, Virgin Trains wanted to know the fuel levels on their East Coast High Speed fleet, comprising 32 HST power cars used on 13 train sets. This fleet, built between 1976 and 1984, has no fuel gauge that is visible to the driver. The fuel required to complete a journey is primarily based on the journey being completed as normal. However, fuel is used to power services such as lighting and air-conditioning, even when trains are stationary. Therefore, unexpected delays could mean that there was not enough fuel to complete a journey. This could lead to fines, compensation payments, safety risks and adverse publicity.

Powelectrics worked with Angel Trains and Rubirail to create a bespoke 'connected sensor' solution. Angel Trains is one of Britain's leading train leasing companies, leasing to 18 franchised operators and two open access operators in the UK. Rubirail offers 30 years’ rail industry expertise in engines, transmissions, bogies and pneumatics and integrated third-party sensors to Powelectrics Metron 2 telemetry devices.

Metrons send readings every 5 minutes to the cloud. Virgin management see fuel levels in near real time and are alerted if they fall below the level required to complete planned journeys, allowing them to take timely action. They are also able to use historical data to compare fuel usage on different trains to identify maintenance needs and establish trends and differences in driving style.

Russel Birnie, Rubirail “What VTEC ordered was a new, accurate fuel gauge. Thanks to the Powelectrics telemetry solution what they have received is a virtually real-time energy monitor.”

Not only was this solution highly commended at the Railway Industry Innovation Awards, but it delivered a project payback period of under 48 hours!

Powelectrics technology helps you keep your trains on track. Affordable, easy retrofit, proven and approved telemetry for tank level and condition monitoring to improve safety and reliability. A few simple temperature, level and flow measurements can identify a wide range of maintenance needs, cut costs and avoid breakdowns.

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