Powelectrics Connected Sensor Solutions Offer Control as Well as Monitoring

Posted on 07 Nov 2018


Powelectrics award-winning range of Metron2 telemetry devices can be used for control as well as monitoring. Our news pages show many real IoT applications, from tank level monitoring to flood protection schemes, condition monitoring, security, product testing, performance monitoring and energy metering.

Many Industry 4.0 solutions we deliver are primarily for the purpose of monitoring key processes and providing alerts when specific events occur. However, it is also common for our customers to use Metron2 based M2M solutions for on/off control.

A great example is using relay control to manage pump activity. In this diagram, real data is displayed from a reservoir that is replenished from a borehole some distance away. Water needs to pumped uphill to the reservoir. For the project shown, Powelectrics used our own SPS hydrostatic level sensor in the reservoir and connected it to a solar-powered Metron2, as no external power source was available in this rural location.

Regular readings are taken. The frequency is user-defined and can be as often as every 10 minutes with a solar powered device. Data is sent to Powelectrics MetronView cloud and is visible to authorised users on any web-enabled device.

When the water in the reservoir drops to a user-defined ‘low’ level, MetronView generates an SMS alarm with a relay change command and sends it to a second Metron2 which is next to a pump. This switches on the pump. Water is pumped into the reservoir until it reaches a user-defined ‘high’ level. A relay change command is then activated to stop the pump.

The reservoir could equally be a tank and the pump could be pumping contents into or out of the tank.

Metron2 devices can be supplied for use with external power, integral battery and solar power. All Metron2 devices can be remotely configured, set-up prior to dispatch or simply configured on site, using the integral display. No programming skills are needed. Metron2 offers 4 analogue inputs, optional 5 pulse inputs and 2 optional relay outputs and they are supplied in a robust, weatherproof IP67 enclosure.

MetronView, Powelectrics ‘middleware’ is a cloud-based datalogger with customisable dashboards, reporting and alerts. MetronView processes millions of readings/day and supports over 140 protocols including MODBUS, MQTT, HTTP, TCP, UDP, SERIAL, SIGFOX, SNMP. MetronView is a standalone platform, but also offers a simple API, so data can be collected by other software. This can be done by customers or Powelectrics can create application-specific portals for you. Examples include: tank management, energy metering, vending machines, train condition monitoring and waste compactors.

Powelectrics connect the world of sensors and the Internet of Things. We offer 25 years’ experience in the world of sensors as well as our own telemetry devices, platform and a wealth of experience integrating third party devices.

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