Powelectrics IIoT Kit Helps CG Godfrey Deliver Excellent Customer Service to Customers with Multiple Pumping Stations

Posted on 12 May 2021

CG Godfrey Ltd in Spalding is one of the region’s leading independent civil, mechanical and electrical engineering contractors, specialising in vacuum sewerage systems and deep drainage. With a directly employed and highly-skilled team, they have delivered projects for nearly 50 years. More here .

CG Godfrey were early adopters of telemetry, keen to offer their strong customer base of District Councils, utility companies and private landowners the benefits of connected-sensor technology. They researched the remote monitoring market and came to Powelectrics, looking for an affordable pump monitoring solution that could deliver better customer service and differentiate them from competitors.

Following a successful assessment trial at South Holland District Council, Powelectrics IIoT kit was approved and rolled out to other customers. There are now around a hundred Metron telemetry devices installed at District Councils, including Fenland District Council. 

Devices are powered via the central pump station panel and have battery back-up in case of mains failure. They report hourly via GSM/GPRS to Powelectrics MetronView cloud, which generates alarms to indicate that a user-defined high level has been reached, there has been a mains power failure, Pump 1 has failed and, where appropriate, Pump 2 has failed.

Data and alarms can be received by unlimited authorised individuals. Members of the CG Godfrey team receive alarms and decide on appropriate action, ensuring that timely maintenance visits are made when necessary and that customers receive the highest standards of service. Customers also have access to data and alarms if they wish.

Karl Royce, Senior Quantity Surveyor at CG Godfrey told us, “We have used Powelectrics Metron kit for several years now. It has been reliable and robust from the outset. Our initial trial demonstrated that the kit was a great fit for this application. Installation is intuitive and there is great tech support from Powelectrics whenever we need it. Telemetry allows us to offer exceptional service to our customers and has helped us develop long-term partnerships."

Metron4 can use external power or be battery or solar powered for use in remote and rural locations. Metron4 telemetry hardware supports 2G & 4G, offers operational temperatures - 25 to +65°C for global deployment and comes in an IP67 enclosure.

MetronView is a secure, scalable, intuitive and customisable cloud delivering sensor data & alerts on any web-enabled device. It also offers a common API to allow data to be drawn into other platforms.

Powelectrics offer 30 years’ experience in sensing and remote monitoring.

Our ’connected sensor’ solutions are employed in many industries including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, Adblue, fuels, oils, LPG, lubricants, food and beverage, waste & recycling, landfill & leachate, agriculture, utilities, pumping and environment, rail and security.

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