Powelectrics Industry 4.0 Solution Helps Industrial Gas Consumers and Their Suppliers To Cut Costs

Posted on 23 Jul 2018

Powelectrics have developed an exciting m2m monitoring solution for a customer who specialises in industrial gas process engineering and consultancy. Our customer helps industrial businesses increase their gas process efficiency to improve profitability. They work extensively with automotive engineering companies.

Many automotive gas consumers use MCPs (multiple cylinder packs). The gas is so crucial to production that they typically have 2-3 spare packs on site, to ensure they have supplies in case of a delivery failure. In addition to charging for the gas, it is common for gas suppliers to charge a ‘rental’ for the tanks themselves, whilst they are on a customer’s site, as these vessels cannot be used to supply other customers.

Our customer has designed an MCP switchover manifold. Powelectrics supply the pressure and temperature sensors and the m2m monitoring solution. The combination of these technologies means that gas consumers now users only need two MCP packs on site at one time, which means they don't need to pay 'rent' on additions spare packs.

Powelectrics award-winning Metron2 telemetry devices sends data on MCP pressure and manifold pressure/temperature to our MetronView cloud. Together with the new switchover manifold technology, this creates a fully automatic stock ordering system, and a 24/7 fault monitoring system, capable of triggering automatic service calls.

When the gas in the current MCP reaches the first ‘low’ threshold, an email is generated via our software, automatically ordering a new MCP. Fields within our software populate the purchase order with all the relevant customer, product and delivery details. Once a second ‘low’ threshold is reached, the manifold switches automatically from one pack to the other and the used MCP is available to be collected, uaually when the new one is delivered. Deliveries are scheduled to arrive well before a second pack would normally run out, meaning the end-user never runs out of gas.

Gas consumers only need two MCPs on site at one time, so they no longer pay rental on additional MCPs. Consumers save money, save space and remove a safety hazard.

Gas suppliers also benefit. They receive good notice that a delivery is required, so they can plan deliveries efficiently. The extra MCPs that have been freed up can be used to supply other customers, which means they gain the revenue from new gas sales as well as MCP rental.

This is an excellent example of an Industry 4.0 solution that works well for everyone in the supply chain. This solution is proven and has been rolled out to multiple sites in the UK.

Powelectrics act as a connection between the world of sensors and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) operating at the centre of the ‘connected sensor’ community. We offer 25 years’ experience in the world of sensors, our own award-winning telemetry devices, a standalone data platform, with an API to connect with other software and a wealth of experience integrating third party devices.

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