Powelectrics Products Help Potato Peel Progress to Palatable Pig Provisions!

Posted on 26 Jun 2018

Powelectrics have delivered an m2m logistics solution for Europe’s largest procurement company of co-products released in the production and processing of food, beverages and bio-fuel products. Our customer works with many global food production businesses. In this case our IIoT solution was installed at a UK plant of an international business which purchases 15% of the UK annual potato crop.

As you can imagine, that many potatoes leave behind a lot of post-production potato peelings. This is a waste product in terms of human food production, but forms the basis of a nutritious and delicious diet …if you are a pig!

Powelectrics supplied and configured a remote level monitoring for an 8 metre silo containing a ‘slurry’ of hot potato peelings mixed with steaming hot water. Due to the humid heat, the viscous nature of the slurry and the height of the silo, a guided wave radar sensor was selected for this application. You can see from this photo, taken shortly after installation, that the environment is extremely harsh.

The data is sent via Powelectric’s own award-winning Metron2 telemetry device to the cloud, in the form of our MetronView platform. This data informs our customer when there is sufficient waste product for them to come and collect their scrumptious swine supplies!

Powelectrics telemetry is used in a wide range of Industry 4.0 remote level and condition monitoring applications. Remote monitoring devices are compatible with thousands of sensors offering a 4-20mA output.

Metron View is Powelectrics cloud-based datalogger with customisable dashboards and bespoke reporting. Data and alerts can be easily viewed on a computer, tablet or phone. Metron View currently processes 2.5 million sensor readings/day and supports over 140 protocols including MODBUS, MQTT, HTTP, TCP, UDP, SERIAL, SIGFOX, SNMP and many more. It has an API for simple integration to other software.

Powelectrics act as a connection between the world of sensors and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) operating at the centre of the ‘connected sensor’ community. We offer 25 years’ experience in the world of sensors, our own award-winning telemetry devices, a standalone data platform, with an API to connect with other software and a wealth of experience integrating third party devices.

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