Powelectrics Remote Monitoring Telemetry Alerts Clearwater Pollution Control of Sewage Pumping Stations Issues.

Posted on 28 Mar 2018

Clearwater Pollution Control have 25 years’ experience designing and manufacturing environmental solutions from waste water treatment systems, sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, septic tanks, cesspools, silage tanks and rainwater harvesting. Operating through a national network of building and civil engineering professionals, they specialise in small-population treatment plants, helping thousands of private homeowners and families who are not connected to the main sewage system.

Clearwater chose Powelectrics award-winning ‘Metron’ telemetry to differentiate themselves from competitors. They wanted to offer a ‘gold standard’ service to customers and improving internal efficiency to win new business.

Before remote monitoring, if a pump failed, waste would remain in the external ‘wet-well’ vessel. Eventually it would back-up the pipework into the home, until the unpleasant consequences alerted the homeowner, prompting an emergency call-out. Clearwater had been an early adopter of remote monitoring, but suffered performance issues with a previous telemetry supplier. When they came to Powelectrics, they were looking for a reliable, affordable replacement.

Powelectrics offered Clearwater a complete solution, measuring power levels on the pump and material levels inside wet-wells. Signals are read automatically and sent via the mobile phone network to our MetronView data collection and viewing platform. MetronView can be easily badges and customised and has a simple API if customers wish to draw data into other management and control systems. If levels cross defined thresholds alarms are sent to key personnel. This allows for the timely, centrally-managed, efficient scheduling of maintenance visits, driving down internal costs. A situation can be rectified before a homeowner is even aware of it.

Emergency call-outs have been eliminated and customers have peace of mind, knowing they are protected 24/7. Clearwater have historical data helping them meet environmental commitments and maintain their strong reputation. Clearwater are convinced of the benefits & reliability of Powelectrics telemetry solutions and planning a rollout to several other application areas.

Tim Gaston, Technical Manager, Clearwater Pollution says, “Clearwater were looking for a robust telemetry system and platform to replace our infield monitoring and critical remote alarm equipment. We picked Powelectrics as our preferred supplier and MetronView as our new solution to replace all our infield remote monitoring and alarm systems. Working with the Powelectrics Team is a real breath of fresh air. They listen to our needs, help us with our challenges and provide a really robust solution. They are flexible and understanding …  we are quite demanding! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and their solutions. They are a great company to partner with for our critical system needs.”

Powelectrics provided all the hardware, software and data communication, pre-configuration and technical support for the project.

  • Devices are pre-configured for the most likely on-site scenario.
  • Clearwater chose to use their own engineers to install on site using simple instructions.
  • Commissioning tests & signal strengths monitored on site using the integral display screen.
  • Weatherproof, battery-operated Metron2 devices were used as mains power was unavailable.
  • Multi-network sims were used to get the best signal even in remote locations.
  • External antennas were used on sites with poor signal strength.
  • Devices were configured to report daily as a health check and if level thresholds were crossed.
  • MetronView was also set up to alert personnel if devices had not reported at a regular time.
  • Units were remotely configured to suit the sites requirements.

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