Powelectrics Remote Tank Level Monitoring is ‘Generating’ improved Service Levels and Profitability for Leading UK Equipment Hire Business

Posted on 13 Apr 2018

Powelectrics are working with one of the UK’s largest providers of equipment rental and support services, supplying from over 200 depots across the UK and Ireland, to clients in construction, infrastructure, facilities management, retail, leisure and events. As a highly innovative business, they have adopted fuel tank level monitoring to enhance service levels and increase revenue.

The range includes generators, compressors, pumps, access, lifting and materials handling equipment, bowsers and fuel tanks. Much of the larger kit is diesel-powered and it is essential that their customers do not run out of fuel.

Powelectrics award-winning Metron telemetry has enabled them to develop a new business model, whereby they can offer customers the value-added service of fuel supply. Our ‘connected-sensor’ solution allows the fuel level to be measured automatically at user-defined intervals and reported via the Metron2 and mobile phone network.

Powelectrics data collection and viewing platform, MetronView, is a cloud-based datalogger, showing tables and graphs. Data and alerts can be easily viewed on a computer, tablet or phone.

In this project, our customer is using ‘TMS’, our portal designed for bulk delivery (and collection) applications, which includes theft and leakage alerts and the facility to set thresholds on individual tanks to alert you when tanks are reaching amber and red alert levels.

It can even predict when individual tanks will need filling, based on recent usage. Colour-coded sites can be plotted on a map, by postcode, for simple logistics planning. This allows for efficient scheduling of deliveries, driving down logistics costs and improving customer service.

Adopting Powelectrics internet of things technology has meant that fuel is supplied whenever necessary to ensure that hired kit is always available for use. The rental company offers excellent service levels. At the same time, they gain a valuable income from fuel sales and their customers are assured that the kit they are paying for will always have the fuel needed to fulfil projects.

Our m2m solution is currently used for tank level monitoring, but could also be used for remote condition monitoring of the hired plant, to identify possible faults and arrange maintenance before a breakdown can occur.

  • Installation is simple with sensors simply lowered into tanks. No need to empty them.
  • Weatherproof, battery-operated Metron2 telemetry devices are used as mains power is generally unavailable.
  • This M2M solution is particularly cost-effective on multi-tank sites, as each Metron2 has four inputs, so only one device and sim card is required to monitor up to four tanks.
  • Devices are remotely configured via Powelectrics’ MetronView software and tested on site using Metron2’s integral display. Devices can also be set-up/reconfigured locally using a simple wizard. No programming skills are needed.
  • Any size or shape of tank/bowser can be accommodated.

For more information, or to discuss your m2m tank level monitoring application, please get in touch on +44 (0) 1827 310 666