Powelectrics Telemetry Used In Environment Agency/Local Council Scheme To Warn Locals of Rising Water Levels

Posted on 15 Mar 2018

In recent years, with increasing occurrences of extreme weather events, Powelectrics telemetry has been increasingly used as part of flood monitoring schemes. One of these was a scheme to protect 360 homes in Cockermouth, Cumbria delivered by UK Flood Barriers.

UK Flood Barriers is the UK’s leading specialist flood contractor, offering product specification, installation and ongoing maintenance on domestic property protection schemes for businesses, flood groups and the public sector, including large scale community infrastructure projects for Councils and the Environment Agency.

Cockermouth has been particularly affected by recent extreme weather, most memorably in 2009 when both the Rivers Derwent and Cocker broke their banks. A record 314mm (12.3 inches) of rainwater fell in 24 hours. Water levels subsequently rose 2.5 metres and river flow reached 10m/s. Resulting damage totalled £276.5M, with £129M to businesses and the local economy.

UK Flood Barriers were selected by the EA/ Allerdale Borough Council to deliver an effective flood defence solution, whilst maintaining the aesthetics of the beautiful market town. Full details of the scheme can be found at: http://www.ukfloodbarriers.co.uk/cockermouth

Powelectrics technology provided an early warning system, using our award-winning Metron telemetry device and a level sensor in a flood pit. As water levels rise, the floating barriers rise into position. In some cases, the barriers could block emergency exit routes from occupied buildings.

Our solution switches the output relay to operate a light beacon and siren, alerting occupants that the barrier is rising, in time to evacuate. It can also send text or email alerts and collect historical data on levels. Mother Nature put the scheme to the test during Storm Desmond in December 2015 and the result was excellent!

Powelectrics flood detection technology is ideal for river level monitoring, highways, railways, and even cellars. Telemetry devices can be mains, battery or solar powered and work with a vast range of sensors including hydrostatic or ultrasonic level sensors.

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