Private wire replacement

Posted on 06 Feb 2005
Traditionally private wire telephone networks have been used to communicate signals from sensors and for control when a radio telemetry system is not suitable. By using the GSM capable Versanet2 Powelectrics are now able to offer realistic alternatives with low install costs and low running costs too. Private wires can be very expensive to both install and maintain and have traditionally been used by the utilities for communications. Versanet 2 works by accepting analogue, digital and pulse count signals and then transmitting over the radio waves, across a gsm link or even down a telephone line to a receiving point. The receiver then outputs the signals for use by the client as they see fit. The system is intelligent and nodes can be linked by different means of communication, or we can even set the system up so that a backup comms path can be used if the primary route fails. Powelectrics can offer turnkey solutions, designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining your telemetry network.
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