Programmable logic controllers with flexible communications

Posted on 22 Sep 2006
Powelectrics have succesfully provided a number of FPx programmable logic controllers into a telemetry solution. The system comprised a number of outstations where the client wanted to sample a number of analogue variables every second and then communicate over low power radio (using the RM9600) to a central hub every minute. At the central hub another FPx programmable logic controller controlled communications and then passed them on to a GSM Telemeetry device (the IN4MA PC) which in turn passed the information on the web based data hosting service (The Gateway). This is a good example of how Powelectrics can link the strong products in their portfolio to provide excellent and cost effective telemetry solutuions to their clients. For more information on the FPx range of programmable logic controllers please contact us on +44 1827 310666 or email us on
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