Proximity Switch Application - Container Crane

Posted on 05 Sep 2008

Due to the very tough working conditions, the proximity sensors must have very good resistance against shock, impact damage and vibration as well as be corrosion resistant. Many container terminals are at sea ports and portside machinery must always cope reliably with salt spray and very harsh weather conditions at all times.Contrinex series 600, 700 & HP series inductive proximity sensors are suitable for this kind of application. The Contrinex DW-AD-607-M30 inductive proximity sensorsare fitted to the overhead crane trolley system and DW-AD-703-M30 installed on the spreader headblock that picks up the containers.In addition various DW-AS-503-P20 are embedded into the hydraulics cylinders that guide and enable the RTG to turn.

Samples of each sensor type were successfully tested and the customer was satisfied with the result so that Contrinex sensors will now used on future new crane production.

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