Radio Networks for Sensors and Meters

Posted on 08 Sep 2015

We are pleased to introduce the MetronR range of products - a long range yet affordable Radio Telemetry System with battery powered transmitters that handle pulse signals, as well as temperature and humidity measurement options. Range testing shows we can get 5 miles (8 kilometres) from our Radio Telemetry System. You can have 32 transmitters to each hub which provides an RS485 interface. The readings can be made available to SCADA & BMS systems as well as PLC's, or you can use our GSM capable telemetry solutions to send the data to a server and then access securely via the internet.

The units are rugged, being housed in an IP65 enclosure and offer exceptional range  - in our tests we have achieved communications over 5 miles (8 kilometres).

The hub has an RS485 interface so you can connect to BMS, SCADA, PLC's and more. We have available GSM connectivity options which means we can make the data available to you via the internet.


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