Receive Alarms by Email from your Sensors

Posted on 26 Sep 2014

Metron VIEW is now able to send you alarms by email if a readings from a sensor goes above or below pre-defined thresholds, or if a unit has not unit has not communicated with the Metron VIEW server for a certain amount of time.

The Metrons send the readings over the mobile phone network to our server and users can view and export their data using a simple web page browser. It incorporates an API so 3rd party systems can be used to retrieve the data or we can develop some customised web sites to give you the reporting you need. You can use your favourtie browser to view the readings over the internet - you can see graphs online and change the date range they cover. Data can be exported to be used in a spreadsheet.




Metron2 (now replaced by Metron4)

The Metron2 has been superceded and is no longer available. Powelectrics now recommend using the Metron4. Metron4 does everything that Metron2 did and offers several advantages, which are described here.

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