Reduce LPG Distribution Costs

Posted on 11 Mar 2009
Low cost and reliability are key factors in LPG sector where the technical challenges are great. LPG is highly flammable so the METRON ATEX needs to be approved to cope with such conditions. This presents technical challenges as the device cannot create a spark, even under fault conditions, but a lot of power is needed to communicate. With intelligent battery management, the Metron ATEX has a long battery life, low communication costs, maximum signal strength and low temperature operation. The Metron ATEX was introduced in the summer of 2008 and already a pilot scheme with a major petrochemical company has been completed. The scheme paid for itself within the first three months, and has led to the further orders already. It has been such a success that it has been presented to the GLOBAL BUSINESS EXCELLENCE FORUM as a model to help reduce costs and reduce the environmental impact of logistics. There are other benefits as well as the very visible logistics savings, with improved customer satisfaction leading to better customer retention, fewer customers running out of fuel, fewer panic deliveries, less overtime, as well as customers using more fuel.
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