Remote Tank Level Monitoring with easy to fit Hygienic Sensor

Posted on 05 Mar 2013

Tank Level Monitoring System

A spool piece that houses a gauge pressure transmitter and a Temperature Sensor is fitted into the pipework so there's no need for on site welding or cutting.

A solar powered Metron2 is fitted adjacent to the tank and the sensors are wired into this GSM/GPRS capable telemetry device.

Every hour the Metron2 powers the sensors and transmits the readings over the mobile phone network to the Metron VIEW server and the readings can then be vieed via the internet.

Level Sensor Measurements

The level sensor measures the height in the tank and thanks tothe 32 point linearisation table that can be programmed into the impressive Metron2 the reading transmitted is scaled into litres.

The use  of solar power further eases installation - there's no need to connect power and therefore an electrician isn't needed.

The use of roaming sim cards ensures the best communications is possible even in these rural locations.

By knowing the level readings the planners are able to manage the collections. The graph below shows the level increase twice per day when the cows are milked and the tank is emptied once per day. In this instance the tank was always less than two thirds full so the colelctions could be made every 1.5 days - this saves 120 journeys each year to this farm to collect the milk.


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