Revved Up and Ready To Show! Powelectrics Demonstrate Their Latest Remote Condition Monitoring Technology for Rail at the RVE Show!

Posted on 04 Oct 2019

Remote Condition Monitoring IoT TechnologyPowelectrics were delighted to join 60 international rail industry innovators at this year’s Modern Railways RVE Show, held at Derby Arena on 3 October. Focussed on Rail Vehicles and Enhancements, visitors benefitted from cutting edge of technology, eight specialist speakers and an industry conference exploring themes such as re-franchising, passenger growth and Brexit preparedness.

Powelectrics were delighted to offer live demos of the brand new Metron4 IoT telemetry device, on our stand, where we explained how remote condition monitoring with Metron4 hardware and our versatile MetronView cloud delivers a truly innovative Industry 4.0 solution.

Metron4 supports 2G, but also 4G (CatM1 & NB1) and hugely expands Powelectrics capacity for edge processing and interfacing with third party kit within the Metron solution. In addition to 4 analoguRemote Condition Monitoring IoT Technologye inputs, there are expansion cards for pulse counting (5 channels) and RS232 and options to develop RS485 and CANBUS interfaces.

Metron4 even incorporates diagnostic channels to help manage units in the field: signal strength, internal temperature, voltage (on battery powered units), firmware & hardware details and even Cell Tower ID for approximate location.

With solar, battery and external power options, compact IP67 enclosure and operational temperatures - 25 to +65°C, Metron4 is an ideal sensor gateway in a vast range of global on-train and rail infrastructure applications! You can learn more about Metron4 here.


Powelectrics were also showing live data from Sigfox units fully integrated to Powelectrics MetronView cloud. Temperature, humidity and CO2 data from the show was visible to visitors on ipads on our stand.


MetronView supports over 140 protocols including MODBUS, MQTT, HTTP, TCP, UDP, SERIAL and SNMP. Data and alarms can usually be viewed on any web-enabled device, allowing multiple stakeholders to benefit from historical & current data.


Data can be also be collected by other platforms via a common API. The API allows integration to software like Navision, SAP, SCADA and platforms like IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, AWS and Miimetiq.)

Remote Condition Monitoring IoT TechnologyOur visitors came from train leasing and operating companies, rail consultants, infrastructure and engineering companies, IIoT integrators and developers, government bodies, academic institutions, test houses, engineers and maintenance managers

Powelectrics IIoT technology is proven and approved in on- train and rail infrastructure projects. Get in touch whether you need to monitor temperature, level, pressure, flow, co2, humidity, vibration …well … almost anything for which a sensor exists!

Powelectrics act as a connection between the world of sensors and the Internet of Things. Our IIoT ‘connected sensor’ solutions are found in many industries around the world: fuel chemical adblue, pharmaceutical, food, waste, recycling, agriculture, utilities, metering and more. Powelectrics help businesses monitor, control, maintain and protect assets and critical processes, providing current and historical data to assist strategic decision-making.


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Remote Condition Monitoring IoT Technology