RSPB Uses Powelectrics Technology to Manage Protected Environments

Posted on 18 May 2018

Powelectrics is delighted to be working with The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), helping in its valuable work to protect birds and the wider environment. Founded in 1889, it is now largest wildlife conservation charity in Europe, working predominantly in the UK, but also with partners across the globe.

The RSPB maintains over 200 nature reserves, covering a range of habitats, from estuaries and mudflats to forests, marshes, heathland, cliffs and even town centres! RSPB reserves are vital havens for a huge range of species and Powelectrics is proud that our remote monitoring solutions are being used as part of this exceptional conservation effort.

The RSPB has used our award-winning Metron telemetry to remotely monitor water levels at reserves. Readings are taken automatically, at user-defined intervals, by solar-powered, weatherproof Metron telemetry devices. Data is reported via the mobile phone network to Powelectrics MetronView cloud-based data collection and viewing platform. Data and alerts can be easily viewed on a computer or smart device.

By connecting sensors to the cloud, local experts can maintain sensitive wildlife habitats by opening sluices to achieve optimum water levels. This ensures that protected species have access to the best nesting environments and food, helping curlews, lapwings, snipes and many other wading birds to breed successfully.

Harry Paget-Wilkes, Site Manager of West Sedgemoor, Greylake and Swell Wood RSPB Reserves says, “Using the Metron telemetry to remotely monitor water levels has had multiple benefits. We are alerted to water level issues far more quickly meaning we can respond and take action quickly. There are significant time and cost savings when compared to manual observations and we can obtain the measurements without disturbing the wildlife. It also provides a great data set for analysis and research into species requirements and habitat condition”.

He is particularly delighted with the success of a recent programme to reintroduce the stunning Eurasian Crane to Somerset after they had disappeared following 400 years of overhunting. High tech is helping the RSPB to manage & protect the most natural of environments!

Powelectrics telemetry is used in a wide range of level monitoring and remote condition monitoring applications. Devices are compatible with thousands of sensors offering a 4-20mA output.

  • Remote condition monitoring of essential assets.
  • Tank level monitoring- any height/shape of tank- gas, liquids, powders, granules.
  • Remote meter reading.
  • Data plans include multi network SIM cards, data hosting with user-friendly, customisable online viewing & email alarms.
  • Stand-alone MetronView platform or API for simple integration to other software
  • Robust and Proven- Tens of thousands of devices in the field globally.
  • Devices remotely configurable via MetronView, tested on site using Metron2 integral display. Devices can also be set-up/reconfigured locally using a simple wizard. No programming skills are needed.
  • Different power options including mains, solar & battery.

For further information on the fantastic work of the RSPB and details of the many ways you can become involved and support their work, please visit: