Rugged Inductive proximity sensors

Posted on 24 Apr 2006

Rugged Inductive proximity sensorsThese new M8 flush mountable sensors have a sensing distance of 3mm. Sensors using Condet operate on ferrous magnetic metals as well as non-ferrous metals that have a good level of conductivity and detect all these metals at roughly the same distance. This means that it will sense aluminium at the same position as steel and thus resolve a long standing issue encountered in the automotive and manufacturing industry of part detection when handling alloy products. These tough little devices are currently available in PNP Normally Open configuration with plug or two metre lead connection options. NPN models and other versions are due for release during 2006. Ideal for use in applications that experience repeated sensor failure, the S700 M8 sensors are a form fit and function replacement for conventional sensors and so no tooling changes are required when upgrading.

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