Sensor applications on chewing gum machines

Posted on 24 Nov 2008
On a tablet transfer operation a large number of optical fibers were mounted side by side and the process resulted in repeat failures resulting in them replacing the Banner fibers each and every day!

Contrinex were allowed to see the operation which was causing so much downtime and they suggested changing to the Contrinex amplifier LFS-3031-303 and the focused beam fibre LFP-1006-020. To convince the customer about the sturdy performance of the Contrinex units they were given ten sets free of charge for a long-term test.  That investment paid off! The trials were a complete success and over the next few months all the Banner units were replaced by Contrinex. So far around 600 amplifier and fibre units have been installed.

One thing this customer cannot accept is downtime! Contrinex is now increasingly being used to ensure that stoppages are eliminated at this important plant.

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