Separate amplifier unit for flow measurement

Posted on 19 Oct 2009

Programmable functions include two switching points, hysteresis, and on/off delay. The amplifier unit can also be used to set the impulse value. All programmed parameters and the current reading can be accessed via a 7-segment display. Additionally, series SDI magnetic sensors can monitor maximum and minimum values via a switching output which can be programmed as NO or NC. It also detects reversal of flow – in that case, the measurements are displayed as negative values. SDI flow meters have a measuring range of 0.2…80 l/min. With a maximum measurement error of 2 % they ensure maximum precision for a wide range of liquids. Combined with the amplifier unit, the sensors are a very cost-effective solution. The amplifier unit is connected via a 5-pole M12 plug connector and can be fitted on a DIN rail or a mounting plate.

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