Solar power flood monitoring kit - easy to buy and fit

Posted on 05 Aug 2016

All you need in one easy to install package.

• Remotely monitor river levels
• Receive alarms if level rises above thresholds
• View historical level data via simple web GUI
• Collect data via API for use in applications & websites
• Solar powered

Package Includes:
1 x Level Sensor - different options to suit depth of river. Accuracy 0.5% of range.
1 x Solar Powered Telemetry Unit with GSM module & antenna built in.
1 x Sim Card with 12 months use included, multi network. Readings every 10 minutes. European wide pricing.
1 x Web based data. Alarms by email on high and high high level (client to request and advise email addresses & thresholds.

To install:
Drop level sensor to river bottom. Use stilling tube or other method of securing to suit conditions. Fit telemetry device to  a wall, or a post. Fit the solar cell so it has a clear view of the southern sky (in northern hemisphere) - 10 minute data possible in England. Further north or countries with more cloud cover may require slower data rates. Cable 2 wires from sensor to telemetry device keeping breather tube clean, dry and not pinched.. If more cable needed we can supply suitable junction boxes and cable.
Part numbers:
M2/FLOOD/3m  Sensor with 3 metre range, 5 metres of cable
M2/FLOOD/5m  Sensor with 5 metre range, 10 metres of cable
M2/FLOOD/10m Sensor with 10 metre range, 15 metres of cable .
12 months sim & data included. Contact us for up to date pricing.
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