Telemetry helps walk the dogs

Posted on 04 Jul 2008

The guys managed to finish 19th out 63 teams, beating teams from the Army and the Royal Marines, and we were with them every step of the way - well, sort of....

In the top pocket of each of the rucsacs we slipped a telemetry  tracking device. Every minute the unit took a reading of its location, using the GPS satellite network, and then 15 minutes the information was sent over the mobile phone network to a host server where friends, colleagues, supporters and sponsors could view their progress over the internet.

Several years ago Powelectrics fitted a low power radio telemetry system at the top of the highest mountain in Wales - Snowdon. The radio system is linked to a weather station and is used to transmit wind speed, rainfall and temperature to the bottom of the mountain and then onto the internet.

The image below shows the weather the day they climbled Snowdon - you can see the gusts were up to 80 mph.

 Well done Andy, Darren, Mark & Richard for this great achievement and for raising over £7,000 for charity. 





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