Trans-Auto AB Choose Powelectrics as Telemetry Partner for Their IoT Oil Condition Monitoring Solution

Posted on 13 Nov 2019

Powelectrics are delighted to be selected as Trans-Auto’s partner to develop a unique oil condition monitoring solution. This highly innovative technology will allow customers and maintenance specialists to see near real-time data and receive alerts from locations remote to the actual operation.

Trans-Auto, part of the huge Swedish multi-national Axel Johnson, specialize in transmissions and drivelines for off-highway vehicles, industrial and marine propulsion. They operate in the Nordic and Baltic areas, Russia, Poland (via a sister company) and a network of distributors elsewhere. More here.

Trans-Auto are strongly service-oriented, supporting customers through the entire product life-cycle. John Kjerrman, Trans-Auto’s Technical Sales Manager, has over 20 years’ sector experience. He understands that effective monitoring and fault-reporting on lubricating oils can make an enormous difference to the efficiency of key processes.

In 2016, John started the Oil Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics division. It has achieved rapid growth, providing a desirable, value-added service to an existing and expanding customer base.

The benefits of oil condition monitoring are clear. Reliable sensor data and effective alarms on temperature, pressure, level, flow, vibration, oxidation, water ingress and particulate contamination can reduce operating costs by:

  •  IoT Oil Condition Monitoring SolutionOptimizing and extending service intervals
  • Identifying maintenance issues or poor practice
  • Planning maintenance to minimise disruption
  • Eliminating costly breakdowns
  • Providing a safer work environment
  • Avoiding cost and contamination due to oil leakage

Historically, much test, measurement and filtration equipment within the industry offered local monitoring, data logging and analysis. Some kit could send data elsewhere if wifi was available. However, in many applications, such as mining or forestry, that is not realistic.

Other instrumentation may have the facility for data to be collected via USB and then physically transported elsewhere. This too has benefits, but it is labour-intensive and time consuming. Other disadvantages include the delay between data collection and data analysis.

Furthermore, the USB method does not permit immediate alerts when maintenance is needed. If local operators do not see the problem, action may not be taken immediately and the result may be a period of low productivity, machinery damage, oil leakage, which can be extremely damaging to the environment or even a complete breakdown in operations!

John identified a clear customer need for essential oil condition data to be sent continuously to the cloud, where it could be viewed by everyone who needed it in near real-time. He wanted Trans-Auto to be a sector pioneer, embracing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and all its benefits!

Having reviewed the market, John selected Powelectrics as Trans-Auto’s partner.....

“Powelectrics IoT solutions stood out to me as exceptionally well-proven. Powelectrics offer almost 30 years’ experience in sensing and telemetry and have deployed tens of thousands of devices globally. The hardware is user-friendly and the software is flexible. I wanted to offer my customers a complete package, an easy installation and a great experience. Powelectrics kit gives me that and at a price that offers a rapid payback in terms of reduced maintenance costs. Now my customers can maximise machinery uptime, productivity and profit!”

Metron4  IoT Oil Condition Monitoring SolutionThe Powelectrics m2m solution means that regular sensor readings are sent via Metron4 telemetry devices to the cloud. Metron hardware is compatible with thousands of sensor types. The integral display allows local set-up and test. Units can also be configured prior to despatch or via the cloud, meaning that the customer does not need programming skills. Units can be also be reconfigured via the software, for example to change the frequency of readings or the measurement levels at which alarms are sent. This eliminates the need to make expensive visits to site. More information on Metron4 here.

Remote sensor data can be viewed and alerts can be received by unlimited authorised users, within an access hierarchy, on any web-enabled device. They can assist the process-owner with predictive maintenance, production planning, stock ordering, staff training and general management. Sensor data can also be made available to maintenance contractors and other service providers to enhance service.

 IoT Oil Condition Monitoring Solution

Remote sensor data is delivered via Poweletrics MetronView cloud. This has customisable dashboards and reporting. A common API offers the potential to develop application, industry and customer specific portals.

The initial response to this creative solution has been extremely positive, with planned promotions and trade events expected to boost early adoption of the technology.

Dave Oakes, Powelectrics MD “It’s a huge pleasure to work with a business with such vision. Trans-Auto have really listened to their customers and built upon their strengths to offer a genuinely ground-breaking solution. We look forward to developing this technology as their market evolves and supporting them to remain at the forefront of their industry!”

Powelectrics act as a connection between the world of sensors and the Internet of Things. Our Industry 4.0 ’connected sensor’ solutions are employed in many industries including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, Adblue, fuels, oils, LPG, lubricants, food and beverage, waste & recycling, landfill & leachate, manufacturing industry, agriculture, automation, utilities, pumping and environment, rail and security.

Please get in touch with Powelectrics if you have any queries or to discuss your application: +44 1827 310 666

 IoT Oil Condition Monitoring Solution