Turn Your Data Into Knowledge with Powelectrics’ MetronView, its API & Bespoke Portals!

Posted on 07 Mar 2019

Powelectrics connect sensors to the cloud. We offer hardware, software and know-how. We connect the world of sensors and the Internet of Things, offering 25 years’ sensor experience, our own award-winning range of telemetry devices and extensive experience integrating third party hardware. Our MetronView data platform is a standalone cloud, with a standard API, which means data can be simply collected by existing platforms or by bespoke application-specific portals. These can be created by us or by our customers.


MetronView is Powelectrics cloud or platform. It offers customisable dashboards, reporting & alarms. It is a highly secure and scalable IoT solution, currently processing millions of readings every day, whilst only using a fraction of its processing capabilities. MetronView supports over 140 protocols including MODBUS, MQTT, HTTP, TCP, UDP, SERIAL, SIGFOX, SNMP.

Data and alarms can be received by authorised users on any web-enabled device. Customers can have unlimited users, each with their own access profile…so an individual can be authorised to see the data for just one sensor, for a department, a whole site or all sites.

MetronView was designed Powelectrics, so we don’t pay license fees to third parties and we pass on those cost benefits to customers. We have listened to our customers and are constantly developing our cloud to meet evolving market needs. MetronView is responsive, reliable and secure. We have even developed a plug-in for Microsoft Excel, so you can analyse historical data and perform calculations with ease.


Powelectrics m2m solutions are employed in many industries including chemical, pharmaceuticals, adblue, fuels, oils, LPG and lubricants, food and beverage, waste and recycling, landfill and leachate, agriculture, utilities, pumping and environment, trains and transport, security. MetronView offers sufficient flexibility for many applications, but it also has a simple API for integration to other platforms, so that greater application-specific functionality can be achieved.

MetronVIEW can be used as middleware, to interface with existing management & control systems, such as Navision, SAP, SCADA systems and more. It can be used to integrate sensor data securely into holistic platforms such as IBM Cloud (Watson), Microsoft  Azure, AWS and Miimetiq

Bespoke Clouds/ Portals

The API can also be used, either by Powelectrics or by our customers, to create application-specific clouds or portals. Powelectrics have created several bespoke portals for customers, including Metron TMS or Tank Monitoring System. This cloud was designed specifically for customers who deliver or collect gases, liquids, powders or granules from their customers' tanks in bulk. MetronTMS is suited to all bulk distribution/collection, including fuel oilbiofuelslubricants, coolants, cryogasLPGwaste productschemicals including AdBlue, water additives, fertilisersanimal feeds, food and beverages.

In addition to logging regular levels and archiving unlimited historical data for trend analysis, it offers theft and leakage alerts, setting of amber and red alert levels on individual tanks and filling/emptying predictions based recent usage. Colour coded tank locations can be plotted on a map, by postcode, for simple logistics planning.

Powelectrics have also created portals for projects as varied as energy metering, vending machines, train condition monitoring and waste compactors. We partner with customers to develop the IoT solution they need …or customers can use the API to develop their own cloud.

Connecting Sensors

Our business is ‘connecting sensors’. Powelectrics are a reputable sensor distributor with 25 years’ experience, supplying a range from over 100 quality manufacturers. We supply a wide range of sensors for factory automation and process control, including flow sensors, level sensors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, proximity sensors, optical sensors, laser distance sensors, colour sensors, wind speed sensors, wind direction sensors and many more.

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