Using tank telemetry to predict the future

Posted on 27 Jul 2012




You may have already read about how telemetry can help save money when distributing products in bulk, such as lp gas. By knowing what’s in your customer’s lpg vessel, it’s possible to reduce the number of deliveries made, increasing the size of each drop and therefore lowering the cost of distribution. Increases in drop sizes of circa 30 per cent have been achieved and the benefits of telemetry are well understood and proven.

It’s not new to use telemetry data from the recent past to predict when lpg gas vessels will need replenishing, but it’s now possible to take this one stage further. Lpg is often used for heating and therefore consumption often relates to temperature.

Powelectrics’ telemetry devices measure and report the temperature as well as the level of lpg in the vessel, meaning that the relationship between temperature and consumption for each installation can be profiled and used in conjunction with weather forecasts to accurately determine when an lp gas vessel will need refilling. This way of forecasting becomes especially useful in the autumn – the recent past will indicate not much fuel is being used, whereas the weather forecast is likely to predict a cold spell and an increase in demand.

Imagine how beneficial this would have been in November and December 2010, when a really cold spell and some snow hit the UK. Knowing which customers were the highest priority based on facts rather than their ability to shout the loudest, and knowing before the event that there would be severe stress on the lp gas supply chain, would have ensured stock was available in the right places.

Powelectrics is a long established and well-respected telemetry company with decades of experience in measurement and communication. From its headquarters in Tamworth, it designs and manufactures devices that are shipped all over the world.

The last couple of years have seen a dramatic upturn in demand for our product, as users of telemetry become comfortable with the reliability and more aware of the benefits that telemetry brings. We continue to develop our already well-proven solutions, helping drive down the total cost of ownership and therefore reducing the payback time. Telemetry has never been so affordable.

We realise the need to be flexible in what we offer. Some customers want a complete solution from us, encompassing hardware, hosted software and sim cards, whereas others just want the hardware. It’s also vital that data is delivered where it’s needed which, in the lpg sector, usually means us providing some form of automated interface into the client’s systems, delivering data in a customised format.

Powelectrics’ solutions for the lpg gas sector are certified proven and affordable. Installation is quick and easy, with no need to access the customer’s property. Communication is GPRS based, which is not only low in cost, but also reliable in that each transaction is acknowledged. The device has class leading battery life.

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