Vision system with OCR

Posted on 08 May 2009



vision system with OCR


Here are a few of the impressive features our OCR algorithm makes possible:

Powerful segmentation (separation) of characters, even if single letters touch each other
Efficient teach-in of fonts in up to 5 dictionaries
Up to three sub-fonts for each font
Multidirectional recognition as fast as 5ms/character
Reading of mirrored strings
Sophisticated detection algorithm - also for dot-matrix prints
Filter function enables reading strings on challenging backgrounds
Calendar function for the automatic extrapolation of expiration dates

In addition, PV530 offers all functions of the PV500. Hence, besides optical character recognition, the system allows you to solve applications in the fields of measurement, part recognition, position detection, sorting, etc., quickly and reliably.


Powelectrics are able to offer complete solutions, integrating vision systems with  other optical sensors, proximity sensors  and PLC's to give you a complete package.

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